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Image by Ashni

Articles & Publications

Authored articles and interview pieces.


Peer reviewed article from the Journal of Diagnostic Techniques and Biomedical Analysis that discusses implicit bias in artificial intelligence and the steps to take to mitigate these biases to reduce health disparities.

Implicit Bias 1.jpg


In a preview of her HIMSS22 session, Dr. Tania M. Martin-Mercado stresses the importance of acknowledging widespread bias without defensiveness.


Article from Beyond Exclamation -Dr. Tania Martin-Mercado: An Enthralling Effect on Health Care with the Right Attitude

A 3D image of a multicolored DNA chain


Article written for Enterprise Viewpoint magazine, describing the use of gene therapy to treat genetic disorders and allow for correction before birth.


Article written for Mirror Review magazine on the benefits of genetic engineering, touching on the widespread use of CRISPR.

An image of a DNA chain with a small portioned being removed with tweezers
Five DNA chains lined up next to one another


Interview with Insights Care magazine to discuss how genetics can improve health.

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