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Welcome to 2022

Commitment to Personal Growth

This year, I am making a commitment to myself to be present, to get out of my comfort zone and speak up even when I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself. Those who know me understand that I can be people averse. I prefer my own company and to be in my own space. While I don’t suffer from social anxiety, I do make great effort to avoid conversations and interactions that lack depth. Networking events are a nightmarish black hole where constant reintroductions are required and expected. I dread small talk and useless pleasantries; I am impatient for people to get to the point, only to discover that none exists and time is lost.

These irritations cause me to avoid sharing my opinion and views on issues I’m incredibly passionate about because I want steer clear of an actual conversation, preferring the internal dialogue I have with myself over the delicate process of social niceties. I understand that I cannot grow in a vacuum and there is value to human interaction in a moment, versus reading the highlights in arrears.

If I am going to be committed to growth and learning, it is time for me to take the advice and encouragement of friends and family and show up, speak out, and share my thoughts in order to inspire the change and transformation I want to be a part of. I should probably practice speaking Spanish in formal environments too, while I’m at it.

This particular post is a type of written contract I’m making with myself at the beginning of 2022. I will be present.

Happy New Year!

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